9/12 - Tips on Managing School and Golf

As we all know going back to school in fall can be both an exciting and stressful time of the year for both students and parents.  Between not  knowing if you have classes with your friends or teachers you wanted can give you  enough anxiety to last for weeks.  Now throw on top that being on a golf team can send anyone over the edge of a stress cliff.  Here are some tips to help smooth the transition back to school and golf.

Learn to Manage Your Time: First thing first get a calander and create a schedule.  Being orginazed will make you feel better about everthing trust me.  Know what big projects are due for classes and when your practices and matches are for golf.  Nothing is worst is falling behind early and having to play catch up.

Get to Know Your Teachers:  Schedule a meeting with your teachers or at very least send them an email.  It is important to let your teachers know that you are a student athelete.  This will prepare them for any situation in which you have to miss class for golf.  Also this may sometimes work in your favor by getting you extra time for a project or two. (but don't count on that one at all)

S.B.A: Always remember you are a Student Before Athelete!  Being sub par in golf is one thing but being sub par in the acedemics department is another.  Keep up on your studies!  If it doesn't look like you have time to practice a day or two than that's ok.  Playing on a team is a privilage and not a right and you don't need me to tell you if can't make grades you won't play.

Thank You!

Antrone Williams
Director of Tournaments & Membership
Future Champions Golf
(858) 212-1547

8/30/2012 - Practice Round Tips

from FCG Tournament Director - Antrone Williams

There are many things that go into tournament preparation and one of those things is having good course knowledge.  The most traditional ways of gaining this knowledge is by playing a practice round.  Here are some tips to get the most out of your practice round.

- Play late:  picking a later tee time for your practice round has couple advantages. 1) There are usually less people on the course so you can take your and hit multiple shots or putts without holding up play. 2) It's cheaper! We all know the game of golf is expensive so save few $$$ when you can.

- Play with a regular or member:  playing with the member or regular of most clubs will do nothing but help you.  Most members are more than happy to share intimate course knowledge with you like where fault lines are, where to hit or where not to hit and maybe even a good place to have dinner for the night.

- Have a game plan:  when playing your practice come up with a game plan you can implement durning your tournament round.  Be realistic about your game plan "I'm gonna be 3 under after 3 is not a game plan"  Know where you want to be off the tee and where don't want to miss it near the green.













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