FCG Strength & Conditioning Program

FCG is teaming up with Activ8 to focus on injury prevention, stability, mobility and flexibility.

Semi-Private Group Class
Ages 9-14, Class size of 8
Wednesdays at stadium from 4:30-5:30pm

Classes 1-4: Pillar Strength
Classes 5-8: Rotational Movement
Classes 9-12: Power and Performance

Starts 12/4 (no class on 12/25 and 1/1)

$30 drop in, $99/month, $250 prepayment for 12 week program

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TPI Screen (Titleist Performance Institute)
comprehensive screen to determine muscle & movement deficiencies which inhibit performance
establish goals
program layout
testing pre & post training program to document and assess improvements.

Private Strength & Conditioning Coaching
complete individualized program to optimize health and improve performance.
One on one, 1 hour training sessions
decrease risk for acute and overuse injury
improve neuromuscular efficiency
increase strength, power, stability, mobility, flexibility & endurance

Performance Nutrition
customized program centered around nutritional habit development
one on one consultations
Improve body composition
Increase energy levels
Decrease recovery time
customized menus & grocery lists

Mental Skills Coaching
learn key mental skills to help you access and consistently perform at your optimal level
one on one consultations
manage emotions
create individualized pre-shot routine
leave bad shots behind you
perform under pressure
improve focus & concentration
increase confidence & mental toughness
decrease pre-game anxiety
Activ8 Jr Golf Elite Introductory Program - TPI screenings (pre & post) and 12 private coaching sessions.

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