Introducing the Game of Golf to your kids can be done at any age. There are also many ways to do this.

Nintendo Wii has been a great way to introduce your kids to golf. They get to play the game on a computer and get excited about it. They learn the concepts of the game and learn the areas of the course and also get to see what a swing looks like. Kids are very visual and this helps them want to play the real game sometime.

When to start your kids with Golf Lessons? When they have the attention span to be able to place their body into certain positions. I have seen 3 year olds be able to place their feet and their grip, and swing the club with consistency. I have also seen 10 year olds who cannot get into a playable set up.

I always tell parents that we can try their son or daughter in a private lesson first and see how it goes. From there I will recommend a plan to get them interested. It may be that they are not reay and should start their kids with plastic clubs in the yard, video games, or maybe to have the kids sit in the cart and watch the parents play. It may also be good to take your child to a PGA Tour event or a Junior Tournament to see if they get excited about it.

Watch these kids!!!